"MELANIE". New album by Cayetano.

Release Date: December 3, 2018
Pre-Sale: November 12, 2018
A limited number of vinyl and CD to be released on March, 2019.

About «MELANIE».

Cayetano’s «Melanie» is a fiction character, starring in an imaginary film. The sound refers to the 70’s progressive rock days and it was produced on an analog 70’s concept. This project is a combination of live percussion, voices, orchestral instruments and sounds recorded in China, Maldives, Greece, Romania and U.S.

In total, 26 people contributed to the making of «Melanie», the most ambitious, authentic, and artistic album ever produced by Cayetano.

The story:
1975. There is this ancient tale about love, but not just any love…True Love, love that can only be found at the edges of this Earth. The legend has it this tale was the last thing He whispered in her ears. Mesmerised, Melanie set out to find Him again. Undeterred by warnings, cautions and pleas from voices unseen, she ploughed on regardless. Through winding rivers and dark forests, on top of snowy mountains and amidst desert valleys, Melanie finally reached The End. Standing above the Edge, she looked in daze; there was nothing to be found. Mute in despair, she jumped inside a void of emotions. «It must be here», her voice echoed as she kept falling deeper and deeper in His True Love…

Giorgos “Cayetano” Bratanis: synthesizers, piano, el. bass, percussion, mellotron, rhodes
Tasos Peltekis: classic and acoustic guitar
Alex Papoulidis: el. guitar
Yannis Parzialakos: el. bass
Dimitris Tselios: flute, oboe, saxophone, recorder
Thomas Kostoulas: drums
Georges Perin: vocals
Alexandra Sieti: vocals
Themis Veleni: vocals
Jeff Gonzales (aka BNC): vocals
Xiu Ling: mallets
Lio Zeng: guzheng
Ralu Popa: double bass
Irina Kovac: cello
Miruna Simion: viola
Veronica Simion: viola
Veronica Bucur: violin
Attila Tudor: violin
Costin Gheorghe: trombone
Ionut Matel : trombone
Andrei Stoian: horn
Ana Vasile: trumpet

All music written, arranged and produced by Cayetano.
Recordings took place in Thessaloniki – Greece, Shenzhen – China, Las Vegas – USA, Bucharest – Romania and Laamu Atoll – Maldives.
Lyrics written by Panagiotis Skraparlis («Making The Distance» & «My Job Is Done»), Jeff Gonzales (“Looking For Love”), Georges Perin («Keep Me On») and Themis Veleni («Je Suis Parée»)

Mastered at Sweetspot Studio Productions, Athens, Greece.

«Melanie» model: Eleftheria Stamou / Photos by: Christos Kalaitzis.
Artwork by Tsoup Ziggy.

Copyright & Publishing: Cayetano Music
High Hop Records