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Believe In Your Sound!

MIXINGYou prefer it analog for a warmer sound, digital for a pricize production or both?
RECORDINGWant to record your idea with great pre-amplifiers and mics?
PRODUCTIONNeed a wide, professional production for your song?
MASTERCLASSESWant to learn the art of Music Production with carefully-crafted lessons?
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MUSIC ARRANGEMENTYou have the idea and you need an arrangement for your track?
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SCORINGNeed an original film score or music for your theatre play?
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Studio gear

Music In Your Hands


  • 35 square meters
  • Soundcraft Ghost Console
  • MOTU 24 i/o
  • Mac Mini i7 running an SSD
  • Macbook i5 running an SSD
  • Two 21′ monitors
  • A pair of Yamaha HS80 w/ sub
  • A pair of JBL 305
  • A pair of TANNOY 502
  • MOTU Miro Lite


  • Focusrite RED1
  • Avalon AD2055 EQ
  • Eventide Eclipse
  • TC Electronics M-ONE
  • Lexicon MX400
  • Lexicon MPX1
  • BOSS RE-20
  • Line6 Pod XT Pro


  • AKG C-414 Stereo Pair
  • Neumann U87
  • Shure SM58 x 3
  • Shure SM57 x 5
  • Shure PGA 7
  • Roland JP800
  • Korg MS20
  • Electribe EA-1
  • Fender Jazz Bass
  • Aria Acoustic (’93)
  • Plenty of MIDI controllers
  • Plenty of small percs and mallets

About The Studio

All it matters is to feel comfortable and confident.

Studio Grain is Cayetano's personal studio, located in the heart of Athens, easily accessible from everywhere.

From recording to mixing to creation of new inspiring music ideas, Studio Seven is the perfect spot for every musician, director or just a music enthusiast.

Listen To Our Work

Some of our favourites...

  1. 01 Seven Mirrors Telhanot
  2. 02 Something In You Cayetano
  3. 03 Fluoresence Sworr.
  4. 04 Space Cumbia YuriYuri