Cayetano – Once Sometime (2xCD)


Once Sometime
(Includes Bonus CD the album “Focused”)

  1. Tower Of Power
  2. Babylon On Fire feat. NEK
  3. There Is A Sky Now feat. Georges Perin
  4. Take Your Gun feat. Stefanatty
  5. Never Gonna Happen Twice
  6. Be My Queen
  7. Chin Achin
  8. Once Sometime
  9. Day Boy
  10. Night Without Stars feat. Georges Perin
  11. Will You Be Mine
  12. The Circle Of Life feat. Georges Perin
  13. Standing Still

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It has been two short years since Cayetano returned to his homeland of Greece where his musicality and artistic expression were revitalized and allowed to reconnect with their roots. It was then, he produced his 2010 throwback album, “Back Home”. All the while, the world became rapidly consumed by uncertainty, economic recession, political strife, and environmental crisis. But as it is said, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Cayetano is back, undeterred by the oppressive state of world, but rather inspired — more than ever — to create : to bring to the world a musical brilliance that is so desperately sought after. His latest album “Once Sometime” brings hope. It reminds of a long lost optimism, obscured by overwhelming doubt and pessimism. Through his music, Cayetano seeks and delivers an antidote to the seemingly ubiquitous anger and the frustration.

Cayetano gathered his “dream team” of musicians, his great personal friends who happen to be ambitious minds, to sculpt in unity this wholly optimistic album. The band’s ability to make such beautiful music not only in the studio but in numerous venues as well, in spite of the 400 mile distance between them, is a testament to their commitment and soul. The team lost members, and connected with new members. When the time was finally right, the group managed to blend their unique freshness and optimism to create the album, “Once Sometime”.

Full electronic instrumentation was performed in Cayetano ‘s studio in Athens, then the band enhanced, expanded upon, and added clarity to the musical foundation with physical instruments in Thessaloniki. The tracks were then again mixed by Cayetano in Athens. This process was iterated upon until the sound was just perfect. The final mastering couldn’t have been achieved without the magic ears of Enrico Mercaldi‘s who has undoubtedly helped launch the project to the stars. “Once Sometime” is ready…… This sensation that something important has come as a result of these collaborations is felt in all its glory when the premier track from the new album, “Tower Of Power”, plays. Every aspect of the whole can be found here. Joy, melody, love and life hit home in this heartfelt album which plays to the rhythms of the soul. This flawless blend of electronic sounds and vibrant instrumentation encompasses a vast variety of genres, truly the definition of a freestyle album.

Cayetano has no interest in categorizing his music. He breaks genre barriers with his seamless blend of electronic sounds with physical instruments and vocals. The harmony should not be defined merely by the methods of its creation, but by the musical result as a whole. “Once Sometime” is Cayetano’s definitive exploration into freestyle, Trip Hop, Jazz, Dub, Breaks, Dubstep, Soul, Soul, Soul, Soul and back. It is flawless from the beginning to the end, without a single tiresome moment. It is addictive, but above all, it is CAREFREE. In a world that is constantly pressing down, this music — this philosophy — is needed more than ever


released September 17, 2012


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